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In the intricate world of scientific research, precision and innovation are paramount. Our company, Omsys India, founded in the year 2005 stands at the forefront of supplying research chemicals, borosilicate glasswares, polypropylene plasticware, state-of-the-art equipment to laboratories, universities, and research institutions worldwide. Who We Are: At OMSYS, we are more than just suppliers; we are enablers of scientific progress. With two decades of experience, our team understands the unique needs of researchers across diverse fields—from chemistry, biology to physics and environmental science.

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Who Are We?


Business values refer to our principles, beliefs, and ethical standards that guide our organization in best of behaviour, decision-making, and overall culture. These values shape how our company operates, interacts with stakeholders, and pursues its goals. Here are some key points of our business values:

  • Integrity:

      • Honesty
      • Ethical Behavior
      • Trustworthiness
  • Customer-Centric Approach:

      • Customer Satisfaction: Prioritizing customer needs and delivering value.
      • Quality: Striving for excellence in products and services.
      • Long-Term Relationships: Fostering loyalty and repeat business.
  • Respect for People:

      • Diversity and Inclusion: Valuing differences and promoting a diverse workforce.
      • Employee Well-Being: Ensuring a supportive work environment.
      • Fair Treatment: Treating all individuals with respect and dignity.
  • Social Responsibility:

      • Environmental Stewardship: Minimizing ecological impact.
      • Community Engagement: Contributing positively to local communities.
      • Ethical Sourcing: Responsible procurement practices.
  • Financial Prudence:

      • Profitability: Ensuring sustainable financial health.
      • Risk Management: Balancing risk and reward.
      • Long-Term Perspective: Avoiding short-term gains at the expense of long-term stability.

Our U S P

Specialty chemicals play a pivotal role in scientific research, offering unique properties and tailored functionalities. These compounds are not mere commodities; they are the building blocks of innovation. Let’s explore their significance and applications.

  • Wide Product Range:
  • Offer a diverse portfolio of chemicals, consumables, and instruments catering to various industries and applications.

    One-stop shop: Customers can find all their laboratory needs in one place.

  • Quality Assurance:
  • Source from reputable manufacturers: Ensure the highest quality standards.

    Certifications: Highlight certifications like ISO, GMP, or FDA compliance.

  • Custom Solutions:
  • Tailor-made formulations: Work closely with clients to create custom blends.

    Problem-solving approach: Address specific challenges faced by customers.

  • Fast Delivery:
  • Efficient logistics: Guarantee timely delivery to minimize downtime.

    Emergency services: Offer quick response for urgent requirements.

  • Technical Support:

  • Expert guidance: Provide technical assistance and application advice.

    Training: Educate customers on safe handling and usage.

  • Sustainability Focus:

  • Eco-friendly options: Promote green alternatives and sustainable practices.

    Recycling programs: Help customers manage waste responsibly.

  • Competitive Pricing:
  • Negotiated rates: Leverage bulk purchasing power for cost savings.

    Transparent pricing: Clear and straightforward pricing structures.

Over the course of its journey, this business has established a firm foothold in it’s industry.

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